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As a caring and committed family of financial services advisors, we help our clients realize their goals and dreams while staying true to their financial responsibilities.  With our 75 years plus of combined experience and expertise, we partner with our clients; guiding, teaching and empowering them to reach their financial goals. Education and communication are the basis of quality planning. Quality planning is the source of realizing your goals.


Our ultimate objective is to provide exceptional financial advice and service to help you achieve your personal financial success. All while keeping in mind your family values, life enjoyment, community and good fellowship.


We have been serving the Hamilton-Niagara region for over 40 years. We are life insurance licensed in Ontario, and mutual fund registered in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia. Although, our office is physically located in Hamilton, we work with many clients well beyond Hamilton, Niagara and throughout southern Ontario.

Our Practice

We have built a family team to help you and your family. We help multiple generations of families with all of their financial goals from wealth creation and preservation to estate and legacy planning and everywhere in between.

We develop individual and family custom-tailored financial plans that address your goals and your dreams for now and for the future. Many people are busy and find financial security planning confusing, but our clients say we explain things simply and clearly and they find value in the work we do for them.

We take the time to understand your unique situation, as well as your concerns and aspirations for your family. This understanding forms the basis of your custom tailored financial plan. Regular reviews ensure your plan remains consistent with your circumstances and goals. Each plan takes into account the preservation and creation of wealth, minimizing income tax whenever possible and making sure you have the correct asset allocation to minimize risk. We ensure that you protect the things that are important to you, such as your family, lifestyle and future plans. Every client is unique and requires a plan based on their individual needs and objectives.

With thorough, solid financial security planning designed for you to meet your goals, we help you plan and fulfill your vision of your life.  One of the most important financial decisions is selecting someone you trust, who has the knowledge, understanding, and care that you can rely on, to help you achieve your goals and dreams. You can trust us.