Melanie S. and Chris W.

We do business with you because you have our best interests in mind, you are trustworthy, and always explain why you recommend certain options over others!!  You also monitor our investments…to ensure they are always being invested correctly!!

We feel very comfortable recommending you to friends and family since we know you will listen to their concerns, offer guidance, and make recommendations that will best address their needs.

Kim and Darren L.

We appreciate how you take the time to explain and keep us informed about our investments. You always have our best interest at heart knowing what we can and can’t afford. We trust your expertise and guidance with making decisions about our future!

Valerie M.

“I have been a client of Rachel Vaughan’s for over 6 years now.  When I called Rachel I was struggling to pay bills and the thought of saving money was next to impossible.  She has been incredible. She patiently worked with me to discuss all of the options I had available.  At that time, I couldn’t think of long term goals, it was day to day. She took the time to understand my situation.  Because of her knowledge and expertise in financial matters, she introduced ideas that got me back on track.  Slowly I gained confidence to deal with money issues and today I have very little debt.  I am able to contribute regularly to my savings accounts; RRSP’s and have set aside money for my children’s education.  Rachel keeps in touch regularly and responds to all my questions quickly.  I count on her tremendously and she never lets me down.  Thank you.”

Nancy L.

”I recently got married, and Rachel helped us plan to buy our first house.

Thanks for providing ‘lifelong learning’ RRSP information. It critical in terms of planning for my advanced education. I also want to take this opportunity to let you know how much we’ve appreciated your approach and insights as a financial advisor.

As I look back on the past ten years, there were times when we needed you to set us in the right direction with a disciplined path to reach our goals. There were other times when we decided to do something new with our money and you supported us with the lowest risk and higher return options.  Your structured, yet flexible, services give us comfort in our financial security and our ability to enjoy priority items – like travels. You’ve always made yourself available to address our needs in the most convenient manner and we really appreciate it.”

Karolyn B.

Rachel has been my secret weapon.  Seven years ago, I only met one fraction of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – breathing.  Previous relationship debt surpassed income level, a new baby and employment ending was my normal.  Celebrating one year as a homeowner and landlord is my new normal.  Thank you for turning my sad tears into happy tears.

Ken and Mary T.

“We find Dave to be trustworthy and very professional in the way he advises us on our financial affairs. With his knowledge we feel confident and assured that our investments are well managed.”

Blair S.

“For over the past 40 years, Dave has provided our family with sound, responsible financial guidance.  Our parents first entrusted Dave with their financial planning needs and from the professional advice and dedication provided for them over the years, having Dave oversee our financial planning only seemed natural.  His knowledge and dedication to ensure client satisfaction, combined with his calm and entrusting mannerism, has provided us both with years of comfort in knowing our financial planning needs and long term goals have been in good hands.  Both our children now use Dave for financial advice as they plan for families of their own and we would not hesitate to recommend him to any member of our extended family or friends.  What more can be said but “Thanks Dave”.”

Kirstin G.

“You have taken the time to explain things so we understand them and ensure we are making the right decision for our family and for our future.”

Bill and Colleen B.

“We have no doubt that the advice we have received from Laura is sound and that our financial future is all the better as a direct result of her dedication and professionalism.”

Ruth and Fred S.

“For the past 20 years we have received sound, professional advice from Dave, through wise guidance and without pressure. In all our dealings we have received complete satisfaction and we would not hesitate to recommend him to friends or relatives seeking financial advice.”